Contending for the Faith

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Bishop Evans said that there are people in the church life that attack the very place that they call their church. In the world of politics, you have people who are in the same party attacking a member of the same party, even at the risk of losing the House, the Senate, or another position…maybe the White House. It’s because they don’t agree with something but they’re willing to sell out the whole thing. That’s why the Bible says to smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.

Church life has come down to a popularity contest, today. It’s come down to smoke and lights. If we get enough smoke and enough light we’ll get a big church. I’m not interested in a big church. I’m interested in a church that has power and has an impact. We need to get the picture of this. When David was saying this, he was saying, “They sneer at me. They laugh at me. They say things about me.” The church!

He says, “Lord, you have seen this. Do not be silent. Do not be far from me, Lord. Awake and arise to my defense. Contend for me, my God and my Lord.” David was saying, “Look, man!” Saul was chasing David in the caves trying to kill him. Saul made David bring his harp and play worship music in his palace. Saul even took his spear and threw it at David trying to kill him.

When people go through challenges, they don’t know what to do with the challenge in their own life of their own disobedience, so what they do is attack something. And, they pick something that’s precious. The Bible says that the members of your own household will become your greatest enemy. It’s so true. Those things happen right in flesh and blood.

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