It’s Time to Release the Warring Angels

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“Raise the signal…” Back then they used fire instead of sirens. “Raise a fire signal over Beth Hakkerem, a town near Jerusalem. For evil is looking forth with eagerness from the north and with great destruction.” Evil is looking for opportunity. It is perched like a stalking leopard on a prey. It is sitting on its haunches and it is in prey position ready to pounce! This is very serious stuff! Verse 4, “Prepare yourselves for war against her [they cry]; up, let us attack her at noon!” It’s talking about what the enemy’s plan is. “But alas, the day declines, the evening shadows lengthen.”

The whole thing is that Jerusalem is being pursued. There are predators. There are predators that prey on little children. There are predators that prey on the weak. There are predators that prey on the simple. There is a spirit of Predator that is loose in the earth, and it’s hawking. It’s searching for its opportunity to pounce.

Verse 10, “To whom shall I [Jeremiah] speak and give warning…” He’s asking who he is to speak and give warning. Lord, why do you want me to say anything? They’re not listening! “Behold, their ears are uncircumcised [never brought into covenant with God or consecrated to His service]…” There are people who are absolutely stone deaf to the Spirit of God! They can hear the voice of their father…lying spirits, but they can’t hear the voice of Yahweh. They can’t hear the Shepherd’s voice. They hear another voice. They’ve never come into covenant. You don’t get your ears opened until you come into covenant. Covenant means that you join something. That you connect to something greater than yourself. This day of independence… do your little thing, hang out on the outskirts till you barely come in church. That day is coming to an end.

It says, “They were never brought into covenant with God or consecrated to His service and they cannot hear or obey. Behold, the word of the Lord has become to them a reproach and the object of their scorn; they have no delight in it.” There are people, today, that have no delight in the Word of God. Christians! They don’t come to church because they don’t want to hear the Word.

Verse 11, Jeremiah said, “I’m full of the wrath of God!” Listen! As a person who believes in all the good things that God can do, it’s very challenging when I look at the current condition of the church at large. It’s hard for me to not prophesy, “Woe! And destruction!” Because I see people that are bitter, people that have offenses and walked away from God. I see people that are busy about their own world and not about God. I see people that are not praying. They live a prayerless life. They aren’t willing to give and share the wealth of their blessing. I watch it and say, “Oh God! How can I speak and not say, Whoa!!”

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