Denial of the Evidence: He Is Alive!

Everything that God has ever done, He has done by His Word. In the beginning, when God created everything that was, He spoke and it became. God is a God that upholds His Word, and even honors it above His name. We are a people who have gotten to this place because we honor the name of God and His Word. We put a bibles in the foundation of this church as we built it, every two feet in the concrete footings. We did it to say that this church is built on the foundation of the Word of God.

We live in a time in history, who’s culture is one of exploration. It’s not as in earlier times of explorations of new lands, like in 1607, or in the discovery of the Americas, or the early settlers in Plymouth or Williamsburg, or when they landed off the coast of Virginia Beach. They went up the Chesapeake Bay into Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg. The early settlers founded that property, and the first church in America was established in Jamestown.

We live in a time of exploration, a time of discovery. The exporation of outer space

is what’s going on, today. The moon landing was before, but now, they’re exploring the galaxies beyond the moon, and beyond the different planets that are beyond our solar system. There are still planets being made. Why? Because, Eternity has no end to it and is ever growing. It’s because God is a God who’s Word accomplishes that which He sent it to accomplish. When God said, “Let there be light,” the light never has come back, because God’s Word never returns void. It goes out and accomplishes that which He sent it to accomplish. So, new planets are still being created, because God’s Word is going out.
Today, we live in a time driven by a culture to explore that’s different. It’s not like what the early fathers did. The science and technology discoveries, and the human body and mind discoveries. Man is always in search and always has this exploratory attitude about… “Why? How come? Where’s the end? Where’s the beginning? What made it and how did it come about?” This is a desire and a pursuit of mankind since the beginning. Today, the breakthroughs in technology – the robotics and things that are coming out – are phenomenal. Cars that drive themselves. The search for other forms of life beyond our galaxy is the constant pursuit of our origin and our beginning. That’s the essence of today. It’s a discovery time. Yet, man is confronted on every side with challenges and problems and mounting unanswered questions.

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