Life Is A Series of Chain Reactions


I’ve noticed that a lot of the politicians on one side didn’t like that President Trump put a lot of generals in his cabinet. They would rather not have to listen to a general, because a general is going to take us into battle. Fathers and mothers in Christ raise up sons and daughters. No doubt about it. Generals prepare soldiers who are ready to fight. And, that’s what you’re going to get from this pulpit.
Let’s look at 1 Timothy 6:12, NKJV “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”
I’m going to show you something that I just came across, and it’s really exciting to me as I’m studying and looking at this. Life is a series of chain reactions. The definition of chain reaction is: A series of rapidly occurring events, each of which precipitates the next event. Psychologists use this term a lot. I didn’t know that, but I went in and did some research and read a number of stories and articles, and found that a lot of the psychologists today and in past have used this term to define some things like depression, and some other things are used around this. One event sends the next event into action. It also means a series of events in which each induces or influences the next event. So, it means that one event pushes the other event forward, until you have a series of events connecting them together. Do you get that?
Do you know that we’re in a time where that’s going on around us in the culture?
Let me give you some examples of a chain reaction. In the winter season, we see multiple car pileups on snowy, icy roads, and they call it a chain reaction. Somebody slams on breaks, then the next one, and the next one piles up. That same sequence is going on in our country and around the world. When one group of people makes some decision, that today another group of people doesn’t care for, it sets off a chain reaction. Look at Baltimore, last year, with the Freddy Gray incident. The chain reaction sent people into a riotous situation that was not good. It set off a chain reaction. When you throw a rock in a pond it sends a ripple effect across the water. You set things in motion that have a tail effect. You keep making those sequences, linked together, and you get something that’s called a chain. It gets stronger as the links get to it. Somebody passes a piece of legislation, and a group of people go in the streets and destroy buildings because they didn’t like it. That’s how we get riots. I don’t understand the correlation between the two, and I don’t like it. Okay, protest. But don’t tear somebody’s car up or blow up a building. That’s just me…

What happens is, one thing gets said. Boom! Another thing gets said. Boom! And another thing gets said. Somebody says they don’t like a certain kind of people, and it sets off a chain effect. A chain reaction. I’m old enough to remember what went on with Martin Luther King standing up in the 60’s. And, what he did was good. This is Black History month, and I’m all for acknowledging him, and what he did. But, today, we’re living in a culture that creates a chain reaction by everything. Universities have a chain reaction. What’s sad is that they don’t even know what they’re reacting to. The chain reaction sends a shock wave that connects something that doesn’t need to be connected.

You might be asking, “How does this relate to our life in Christ and our walk of faith?” It’s in the scripture. Look at 1 Timothy 6:12. “Fight the good fight of faith” is number one. Number two is, “Hold on to eternal life”. Number three, “…to which you were also called.” Number four is, “…and have confessed the good confession.” And, number five is “You did it in the presence of many witnesses.” We can do that throughout scripture and show how there is a ripple effect, or a chain reaction, to every action. What happens is, if I fight the good fight of faith and I lay hold of eternal life, then to what I’m called becomes identifiable, and I begin to confess a good confession, and it causes me to witness to others by my confession. Watch this unfold.

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