Making A Well

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I know a harvest of financial opportunities is coming my way. Show me a person who didn’t prepare to give and I’ll show you an emotional giver. Somebody who’s waiting on how passionate the plea is to give determines how well they give. If your emotions are moved then you give. But, a real believer understands that “I’m coming to the house and part of financial stewardship is part of my walk with Him.” An emotional giver is one who is moved by his emotions; is double minded and unstable. 

If you desire to prosper, today, then listen up! If you are in lack this is the message you need to hear. Can I be honest with you? Sometimes we want our emotions tickled when we come to church. But when somebody stands in front of us and challenges us in the area of finances… And, this message is not just going to be about finances… When you get challenged in this area sometimes you’ll shut down. But, you need to listen! You need to pay attention! 

I’m standing before you, and I am a result of listening to messages in this house and taking what I’ve heard and applying it in my life. If you look at me and you say, “Well, there appears to be some blessing there…” It’s directly related to what I’ve been taught and what I’ve learned, and more importantly than that, what I’ve put into practice.

Giving in the time of famine is faith, and faith is opposite your present condition. I don’t care what your present condition is. Your present condition will breed fear and fear won’t produce the desired results. Your holding on won’t produce the desired result that you need. 

I’ve got to testify a little bit on why I’m sharing this with you. Poverty is a bully. He’s a bully who wants to steal from you the wells of the potential that God has in place for you.

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