Kingdom Advancement

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I remember, one day I noticed that I had a lump, and it just looked like it wasn’t good, so I just applied the same principle. It is subject to change. I laid my hands on it, and I cursed it to die. I moved it into the spirit realm. Whatever circumstance that was in charge, I killed the root of it, but I understood it would take some process of time for it to become a reality.

So my heart believed that God is changing it, and within 2 weeks, everything completely vanished! Everything on Earth is subject to change! You don’t have to feel depressed or discouraged when something happens. You can change it! You can change the circumstance. But in order to be able to change it, you’ve got to be able to understand the mechanism of the Kingdom: everything begins from the spirit realm. And you and I are so privileged to function from the spirit realm, because we are spirits.

You know, to an American, that is not exciting. You mean I am a spirit? Yes, you are a spirit. You have a soul, and you live in a body. You function from your spirit. You don’t function from your soul. The Bible says the spirit of man is the candlelight of God! Every time the Spirit of God wants to speak to me, He doesn’t speak to my soul. He addresses my spirit. My spirit invades my soul, and then my soul calls my body to respond. Amen?

Your next victory begins with this revelation. Every circumstance that you’re going through comes to an end when you understand this. Don’t you know, you can’t be defeated? You really can’t be defeated! I’m not speaking an encouraging word to you. I’m telling you the reality. When you come to a place of revelation, it doesn’t matter the circumstances on the job, on the business, or with your health, just move into the spirit realm, and deal with it there. When you resolve it there, it’s gonna change here on Earth.

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