The Spirit of Leviathan Against the Church

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You see, David had been singing to the Lord. That’s why he got all the psalms. And then, he killed a bear and a lion because God favored him. Then, all of a sudden God said, “I’m going to make him the king.” And, the other boys had to go and get him. And their ego had to be involved. They were saying, “Awe, man! We gotta go get that guy. He’s always coming up, and he’s always winning, and he’s always getting the trophy.” It was because God favored him. I’d rather have the favor of God than all the money you ever saw, had, or wanted.

I read to you a proverb, “Whoever finds me finds life and draws forth and obtains favor from the Lord.”  The only way you get favor…is not because God has special pets. It’s because God is watching you draw… David drew to God. He drew God and then he obtained from God His favor. But, because you spend no time drawing close to God, you never get the favor of God. That’s why you don’t get the break on the job. That’s why you don’t get the raise. That’s why you don’t get the little sovereign “all of a sudden…” That’s why I can go and sit down with seventy thousand people (at a football game) and the one that sits beside me ain’t a drunk. Matter of fact, she’s a sister. Matter of fact, she loves Jesus! See, the steps of a good man… Come on! David drew God’s favor.

Our unity brings a relationship with Christ and his body which releases the effectual operation in the diversities of the gifts of God, which is in Ephesians 7. The unmerited favor given to each of us individually. Not indiscriminately, but in different ways. How many of you know that God gives us each a measure of our responsibility in proportion to the measure of Christ’s rich and bounteous gifts? God gives every one of us unique gifts and parts.

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