A Divine Disruption

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Now, I want you to follow the history. I’m going to paint a picture. A lot of Bible readers don’t understand the chronological order of things. They don’t understand how we got from one scene to the next in the Bible. I want you to come with me so I can take us down this Holy Spirit lane. Imagine that I am the curator at a museum and I’m taking you on a journey.

It says that appearing to them (Jesus to the Disciples) during forty days and talking to them. Now, that’s a phenomenal thing. He was walking around after the resurrection and he was busy. He ate food. He went through walls and doors. He appeared to them. He went to them on the Emmaus Road with them. He had many encounters with the disciples, and He did that after the Resurrection. You need to understand. He hasn’t gone, yet. He hasn’t left yet. He went down into Hell. He came out. He had the keys. But, He walked among the people of God. So, on a calendar of timing, you need to hear that.

Verse 4 says, “And while being in their company and eating with them…” You say, “Wait a minute… Jesus had a glorified body.” That’s why… when I teach in a few weeks about Heaven, some of you will understand some things you probably have never understood. He has a glorified body but He’s eating. So, if you’ve wondered whether or not we’re going to eat in Heaven… It won’t be Taco Bell, but I guarantee you’ll be eating. And it won’t be Chick-fil-A. Think of it! But, it will be. Can you get this, today? I have to be careful, here, because I’ll get hung up on one of these and I’ll go down a rabbit trail, and that’s where we’ll be. So, I’m trying to go by it, but I’m letting you have a peek review.

Acts 1:4, “While being in their company and eating with them He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for what the Father had promised, of which He said] you have heard Me speak.” He reminded them there’s a promise coming. “I’ve got something.” The Father’s got something for you so don’t bail out, don’t drop out, stay on target because you’re about ready to get something. Could I say this to you? This is what God said during this period. “Don’t check out now because God did all these things because He’s got something already prepared. He never takes away that He doesn’t give you something better than you had before.

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