A Moment of Clarity: Pastor Patrick Kiteley

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 There are a lot of things I’m going to tell the young people tonight and tomorrow. It is ‘who’s the church?’ You’re the church. We learned during Corona that the church is not a service or a building. We, the church. The scripture says, “Do not forsake the gathering of the family of God.” And, that’s the church. But the church doesn’t just stay in the building. The church goes out and touches the world. What I love about this church is that this thing didn’t start during Corona, and what’s going on. This is something that’s been happening for decades. For almost four decades. This is the way church is supposed to be. This is the book of Acts type of church that God’s raising up. We’re not just sitting in our pews and we come on Sundays just to fulfill our religious obligation so we can feel good about ourselves. The church is alive! It’s a breathing organism and it’s called to impact the earth. It’s a people who are moved by the Spirit of God.

How many of you have experienced the Spirit of God in here? There’s been encounter after encounter. He’s changing me from glory to glory and from strength to strength. He’s moving and doing something in my life so that I can’t get enough!

There’s something that takes place when we get together. Jesus made the promise that where two or three of us are gathered together, he is going to be there in your midst. “Whatever you ask in my name I’m going to give it to you.” It shall be done! There’s something powerful when we get together and He shows up. We begin to pray and to ask and to seek and we move into the manifestation dimension, where all of a sudden Can Can explodes. Compassion Commission explodes. We’ve had some good times up in here. But, I actually want to take it out there, now! It’s got to get bigger! Do you realize that Compassion Commission will never be the same again? We might come back here and have this place full of young people because this Corona thing clears out. But guess what? It’s not just going to be here. It’s going global. It’s going worldwide. What God is doing up in here is going viral!

We will continue on Friday! Have a great week!