Dare to Be Different

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When people come up with things that you know don’t set right, and you see people calling peaceful demonstrations and you’re supposed to believe your lying eyes, that they’re peaceful. When whole blocks are on fire and people are being beaten. The other day a cop was sitting in his car in Seattle and a guy walks up with a torch and throws it in the car. It burnt that police car to a crisp! The cop got out but had some burns. Dozens of policemen have been shot and killed.  And, we’re supposed to believe that every cop in America is bad? So, we’ll get rid of them all under ‘peaceful demonstrations’? Then, we’re supposed to see the athletes standing up for Black Lives Matter. All lives matter! This is the human race. Is there inequality? Yes! Have there been abuses? Yes! Are there cops that are bad? Yes! Are there preachers that are bad? Yes! And, I know them. And, I’ve confronted them. Do you hear me, today?

There’s a spirit that says, “You must conform.” If you’re going to exist and if you’re going to keep your job, you have to conform. I saw a man on Southwest Airlines get taken off the plane because he had on a MAGA hat and he was eating something. The plane hadn’t taken off yet. He pulled his mask down and ate something and put the mask up while he chewed and they came and took him off the plane. A man on the plane on the other side of the seat saw the way they were treating him and said, “Excuse me sir, I’m going to go with you. I’m going to give up my plane ticket. It doesn’t matter. Come on. I’ll go with you.” He said, “I’m going to stand with you because what they did to you was wrong.”

There’s coming a day where you can’t just go along. Do you understand? You can fire all the police but the inequality is still going to go on. It’s going to take you and me to decide to get in. But, Christians are the chickens of the world. That’s why we have fried chicken at all of our dinners.

We see something in all this. Stay with me! We see it politically. We see it separating and dividing and conforming. We see it politically. Morally, financially, scientifically, and biblically. Let me just break that down. You say, “How do you see it politically, Pastor?” Well, the sick process of the grilling of these Supreme Court justices, especially the ones recently. Especially Amy Barrett. You see that and you see that they are absolutely trying to get us to believe that their position on killing babies is one we should support. This woman will go down in history books. She will be like Joan of Arc. She will come across in history by those that will write it correctly, because the twisters will always say it the way they want you to believe it. But, the truth will be… this is a woman who believes in the sanctity of life.

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