The Anointing Will Cost You

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These kids are listening to the baby boomers. They’re not afraid to listen to the greatest generation. But, we’ve told ourselves, “We can’t talk to them. We don’t eat the same food. We don’t like the same music.” So, we push them away.

Romans 12:15, “Be sad with those who are sad as a bond between them takes place. Rejoice with those that rejoice again where bonding takes place.” Sometimes the kids need to bond. And adults need to bond a little bit.

Another point I want to make of my observation this week is that I’ve seen in each generation that worked, played, prayed and served together is that we need the anointing to be successful. No matter which generation class you fit in, you need the anointing. The anointing will cost you.

I listened to these kids earnestly, and I am fully aware that my thoughts and the sense of God speaking to me have been confirmed. And, it’s this… We have coddled these children. We have taken these children and smothered them. We have generation one and two who are going to be the most passive, weakest and fragile generation ever to stand in the most horrible world culture there’s ever been. We have a culture that is full of sex, crime, perversion, idiocies, etc. We’re raising up children who’ve been coddled and protected and we just want to hold on. We’ve made some of these boys look effeminate. Some of the black families need to hear me! You’re making these boys look gay because you don’t want them to look like a gangster. And, the devil played a trick. We need men to be raised up again! We need boys who are set in motion to become men. I don’t mean by muscles. I’m talking about men who have integrity and know when yes is yes and no is no.

If I get through this I will be fortunate. God began to download into me where I could hardly stand. I went outside just to get room to breathe because God got so big in my room. We need the anointing to be successful. No matter which generation you come from. There’s a price to pay for that anointing. Let me address the price to pay for that anointing.

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