Cheer Up! Get On Your Feet, He’s Calling You!

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I also heard the Lord say that when we come out of the Coronavirus issue, God would give us a voice and that I was to speak on the callings of God. So, we’ve come out of the time period and we’re looking at the word from a standpoint of ‘who’s in charge’. I think we’ve all come to an understanding and a conclusion in our hearts. We know who’s in charge. The Lord is! I heard the Lord say to me that He had given me a message for this day after we came out of this Coronavirus issue.

Thursday night I took some serious time to pray. We didn’t do it silently, because we’re not silent people. We’re noisy people. Silence has no monitor. You don’t ever hear anybody say, “How quiet was it?” Noise is what God used to create everything that was ever created because He spoke. He spoke and everything came into existence. We need to understand that the Gospel was never designed to be a silent message. A silent prayer is just a politically correct way of allowing non-believers to stand there. I’m not going to ever tell you what I don’t believe is the truth.

I’ve been to stadiums. I’ve been with a million people and in a meeting with four million people. I’ve stood there when they all do the silence, and people don’t know what to do. I understand. It’s just people being politically correct and being polite, but we’re just not going to do that. Thursday night we had a serious prayer here. It went on for an extended time. We were praying for peace and we were praying to ask the Lord to help the family of George Floyd, who lost his life, tragically, through a stupid, horrible, vindictive, criminal act. I’m glad to see that all four of these police officers are being charged. Now, I work around policemen. I have spoken to Baltimore’s city policemen, and the whole group, there. Many times, actually.

We are praying for those families. I’m concerned for the nation. I’m concerned for the things that are being said and done and we’ll help you see that from my viewpoint and from God’s viewpoint.

We will continue on Friday! Have a great week!